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What is SEO

What is SEO-2

In this web driven world, knowing what is SEO is the best way to get more people to see your website. Today we will be explaining to you exactly what is SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) means the art and technique of driving targeted traffic to your website from searches performed via search engines. The most common tasks associated with SEO include creating high-quality content, optimizing content around specific keywords and building backlinks. Let’s have a detailed look at what is SEO and how is it useful.

What is SEO

What is SEO

Why is SEO necessary?

According to popular research and pre-expected results, nearly 60% of all the traffic on the web starts with a Google search. If traffic from other popular search engines are combined together, 70.6% of all traffic on the internet originates from a search engine. This is why you should clearly know what it SEO and what makes adoption of SEO so important. 

To illustrate the significance of SEO, let’s take an example:

Suppose that you run a local small business company selling party supplies. Now, as per Google, 110,000 people search for “party supplies” every month.

Now even if you consider that the top results in Google get around 40% of all clicks, it will mean that there’s a possibility that your website will get 44,000 visitors each month if you show up at the top of the Google list of webpages for a search result.

This is where SEO comes to your help. By adopting SEO for your business website’s web pages, you can easily rank among the top results and will get a constant inflow of new customers. 

How Do Search Engines Work?

Whenever you look up for something in any search engine like Google, a pre programmed algorithm works in real-time to give you what the search engine considers to be the “best” result for that search.

If we talk about Google, then it scans its index of billions of webpages to find a set of webpages and gives it out as results that match with the best answer for your search.

Although Google doesn’t make the actual workings of its search algorithm public, but based on the patents filed by Google and the public statements given out by it, it can be deduced that websites and web pages on the internet are ranked based on:

  • Relevancy

Firstly, Google looks for pages on the internet that are closely-related to the keywords entered by you.

However, Google’s ranking process doesn’t simply rank the most relevant pages at the top. There are thousands if not millions of relevant pages for every search and Google can’t display all of it. So it depends on the other factors.

  • Authority

Authority is Google’s process of determining if the content on the webpage is accurate and trustworthy. To find this out, they look at the number of other pages that link to that page also called backlinks. The more backlinks a website has, the higher its ranking.

  • Usefulness

Any content on the internet can be relevant and authoritative. However, it will not be positioned at the top of the search results if it’s not useful. Google will refrain from putting it at the top. Google itself has publicly declared that there’s a clear distinction between “higher quality content” and “useful” content. This usefulness is measured by Google largely based on “User Experience Signals”. It is how users interact with the search results. If Google’s bots find out that people really like a particular search result, it will get a significant boost in ranking.

What is SEO

We at Wolony are the experts when it comes to the question of what is SEO. We know how the search engines work and are equipped with the knowledge and experience of making your business visible online and place it among the top results of search results of search engines. If you too want to get more inflow of customers for your business, then contact us to get one hundred percent original website and digital content that is accurately optimized for search engines and brings in more targeted audience to your website. Contact us today.

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