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What is Guerilla Marketing

What is Guerilla Marketing-2

Have you ever wondered what is guerilla marketing? The world of marketing is evolving day by day and brands are constantly on the look for new marketing strategies that will make them more visible to the prospective customers. Guerilla marketing is one such marketing technique that attracts more potential customers. You must be thinking what is guerilla marketing? Guerilla marketing employs creative and innovative approach to create an impactful message that produces a sense of emergency or desire. Today we will explain in detail what is guerilla marketing.

First coined in 1984 by Jay Conrad Levinson, in his book named Guerilla Marketing, the phrase “guerrilla marketing” has become an important section in many marketing manuals. Guerrilla marketing is all about investing time, energy, and creative imagination into a campaign, instead of primarily depending on too much money. The tactics of guerrilla marketing include communication of impacting ideas, often in unexpected places, and focus on low-cost strategies that make a high-impact impression for better brand recognition.

What is Guerilla Marketing

What is Guerilla Marketing

What Does Guerilla Marketing Aim To Achieve

Guerilla marketing measures success by profits and not by mere sales. In place of prioritizing new customers, this method prioritizes increasing number and size of transactions from already existing customers, and gaining referrals from them. This also includes aiming business messages at small groups instead of mass audience communications.

Although guerilla marketing was originally conceived as a tool for helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow and gain recognition, its popularity among large businesses has grown by leaps and bounds. 

What are The Examples of Guerilla Marketing

Many of the top businesses and nonprofit organizations are also employing the use of guerilla marketing. Some examples include:


The marketing experts at Unicef placed a vending machine in Manhattan that sold dirty water for a dollar. The so called “flavors” included Malaria, Cholera, Typhoid, and Dysentery. This vending machine display was aimed at informing people about the plight of children in need of clean drinking water, and gave the message that a single dollar could provide 40 days of clean drinking water for such a child. 


The car manufacturing giant, Volkswagen hung a series of cartoon thought bubbles over all the spaces in a parking structure in Dubai, so that parked cars appeared to be thinking, “I wish I was a Volkswagen.” When the clueless people pulled into the car park, they were welcomed by a boundary wall reading, “Have you ever wondered what your car is dreaming of?”

What Makes Guerilla Marketing Important

The main aim of guerrilla marketing was to primarily target existing customers rather than new ones, and aiming to increase their engagement with a product and/or brand. This was conceived primarily for small businesses. If you are the owner of a small business and want to gain more customer recognition then this guerilla marketing strategy is just the tool for you.

The digital world of social media has become a major feature in today’s market landscape and this is what guerrilla marketing can effectively target. Infact, guerilla marketing tactics have shown to be particularly effective online. Regular social media users as consumers are more likely to share their interactions with guerrilla marketing, and creative advertising can quickly go viral without much effort.

Wolony for Effective Online Guerilla Marketing 

This is where a Digital Media Agency like Wolony comes into the picture. We are the masters of social media marketing and digital marketing. Our team of highly creative professionals provide excellent ideas that help us run effective guerilla marketing campaigns on your behalf on all digital media platforms. We fully understand what is guerilla marketing and take immense pride in the variety of work we have done and the sheer number of positive client interactions. 

What is Guerilla Marketing

If you are looking for someone who fully understands what is guerilla marketing in order to increase your business sales, then you can contact Wolony without spending any second thoughts. We will make your business grow not only in financial terms but also in volume. Contact us today at

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