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What Should the Design Process of a Website Look Like?

Any business in this day and age is bound to require a website to sell their product, service or ideas. With the proper workflow, designing a website can be a straightforward process. It may require some elbow grease and a bit of finesse, but in the end, you’ll have a platform that conveys exactly what you need it to — no more and no less. Welcome to our design process post. Let’s get started.

User Research

The process of designing a website should always be dictated by your end goal. For some, that’s selling a physical product. For others, it’s getting people to sign up for a subscription service. Still more offer intellectual property rights in exchange for payment. And how do you achieve these goals with website design? The first step is user research. While you may know exactly one thing about your ideal client — namely their willingness to buy from you — there are a million other facets of them that you can mine. What are their demographics? Which other businesses do they buy from? What are their regular shopping habits? Their pressure points? Disposable income? Design a website that will appeal to the ideal ‘avatar’ client.

User Interface Design

Put simply, user interface design is the process of creating a website that maximizes usability. Is information being conveyed in an intelligent and efficient manner? Your content needs to be memorable and without errors to give a seamless look and appeal.

Interaction Design

Does your website load images quickly? Are your contact forms tedious to fill out? What about broken links or gifs that don’t autoplay? These are all important aspects of the interaction design and user experience. Beyond just the user interface design, this encompasses how your potential client feels while navigating your website. You want to avoid frustration, impatience, and anger at all costs.

Coding Design Aspects of Your Website

If you’re skilled in programming languages, domain hosting and all the steps to get your website up and running, then you’re all set to apply the previous steps. Some web hosting platforms, such as WordPress or Squarespace, provide largely rigid templates that may fit your needs. This process requires plenty of quality testing and trial and error.

If it all seems a little daunting, though, Wolony Digital Agency can help. Please feel free to reach out to us for quotes on our website design services.

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