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What you should do before asking a logo from a designer?

1- Find some sample logos that you like and share with the designer. Be careful about sharing different types of logo designs. Otherwise, the designer will give you a logo similar to what you shared, nothing creative.

2- Tell your brand and what you do with your business. The story of your brand and the products/services your business has will be inspiring the designer.

3- Ask for a timeline from the designer. Many logo designers do some sketches before designing your logo on software. Ask the designer to share sketches at a specific time and share your thoughts before s/he designs on a computer. By doing that, you can save time for revisions. Also, demand the whole timeline of the whole work process.

4- Make an agreement telling how many different logos will be delivered and how many revision rights you have. Otherwise, both the designer and you won’t be happy with the outcome. Some customers are never satisfied with any work and they ask millions of revisions. And some designers are bad designers, they never do good designs, if you do not tell them what you want million times.

5- Share your color scheme with the designer. If your brand has a color scheme and you want to continue with the same colors, tell that to the designer at the beginning. Colors affect the aura of the logos a lot.

If you are building a new brand, the important thing is to focus on your service or product. So, logo should not be the thing you need to worry most. Just do it yourself and focus on your business. Don’t spend your budget and time for fancy logos. Just an advice from a hustler.


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