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3 Crucial Steps When Making a Successful Website

If you’re creating — or maintaining — a business in this century, crafting a beautiful website is at the top of your to-do list. But where do you start? How to choose or build a successful website design? You have to know the difference between different domain hosts. You may need to start reading up on platforms to build the site. And, of course, what content do you put on there? If you’ve done it all correctly, will your website even be seen by the right people? Wolony Digital Agency can help steer you in the right direction. Let’s start off with the most basic of principles here.

Website Usability

There’s really nothing more important here than a user-friendly website. Who cares what your content is if the page won’t even load? Don’t forget about being mobile-friendly, either. With smartphones getting better and faster, more and more people are ditching the larger screens.

Navigation between website pages needs to be straightforward too. No broken links, no errors, and no difficulty to find tabs. Image files need to be balanced perfectly between quality and loading ability.

Match Your Website to Your Audience

Is your audience all over 40? All women? Totally runs the gamut? Make sure your website aesthetic appeals to your ideal client. Part of this is having a good and consistent brand, the other part is knowing who you’re marketing to.  Having a target in mind will help you focus your efforts when creating your website.

Another important factor here is that you need to know how you’re trying to portray yourself and your business. You want visitors to know immediately that they’ve arrived at the place that will answer their needs. Otherwise, they’ll be clicking that back button faster than you can blink.

Getting Your Visitors to Take an Action

Selling a course? You’re going to want people to buy that. Have a newsletter? Bet you’d like them to sign up. These are ‘Calls to Action,’ or CTAs. If you’ve done the previous steps well, your site is user-friendly and inviting. While it’s great to see your traffic increase, that’s often not your best metric to watch. You need to make sure visitors actually know what to do once they’re there. Make your asks foolproof and very easy to see. And don’t miss opportunities to link up your other online presences!

If you’re trying to get a business to take off, Wolony Digital Agency can help with an enticing and action-based website to drive the sales you want.

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