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When It Comes to Landing Pages, It Pays to Start at the End.

What do we mean by that? We should talk about your landing pages.

Think about your ideal on-boarding process for new clients or users. They’re engaged with your content. They’re clicking on your internal links, wending their way through your site. They’ve been perfectly funneled to your big sell, whether that’s an online course, a service or a product. They get to that final step and…leave. But with help from Wolony Digital Agency, you could be averting this problem.

Landing Page Mistakes

Let’s start by outlining what a landing page shouldn’t be.

It definitely shouldn’t be boring. If users have come so far and they’re not even sure what they’re on is a sign-up form, those people aren’t going to become clients. You need a page that makes the user pay attention to exactly what you’re offering. And they need to know that it’s time to either sign up or hit the road (hopefully to return again).

It probably shouldn’t be crazy. Note the use of “probably” here. While you won’t get anywhere with a landing page that whispers, there are some situations where one that shouts could work. Maybe hot pink and lime green chevron are very on-brand for you. Just don’t make it so crazy that they can’t see the trees for the neon forest.

The Goldilocks Landing Page

So what you’re looking for is the perfectly on-brand page to draw your future client in.

Don’t know what your brand is?

Wolony Digital Agency can help you figure out exactly what your brand’s image should be to drive business. Is it using red tones to promote hunger, loud patterns in feminine colors to create a bond with your ideal client?  Once you have those underpinnings in place, the perfect landing page (almost) makes itself.

Less Is Better

You know you’ve done this all before.

You arrive at someone else’s landing page and you’re ready to pull the trigger. You take a look at the entry fields and — you bounce. It’s so easy to lose clients through an overly complicated on-boarding process. It’s been shown that the lower the bar, the more people you can get to hand over their information.

So what’s the least amount of information you need to get by on?

You’ll be more successful 9 times out of 10 with that route.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at what originally seemed like a simple, single-page task, feel free to reach out to us at Wolony Digital Agency. We’re happy to help you figure out the best landing page options for your entrepreneurial endeavors.

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