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How To Design a Book Cover

How To Design a Book Cover

How To Design a Book Cover

A book cover is the first thing that any person looks at in your book and that first impression can be the deciding factor as to whether that person will buy your book or not. Believe us when we say this, people do judge your book by its cover and decide if they will be reading it or not simply based on the book cover. Are you trying to publish your new book and want to know how to design a book cover?

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Why you should design your book cover

You want the book cover of your book, in which you spent a lot of time and hard work, to be visually attractive and provide all the information about what it contains. This is where a perfect book cover design comes into play and makes your book more understandable to the prospective buyers and readers. 

A perfectly designed book cover contains graphic images like logos, art and colorful texts presented in such a way that it clearly expresses the theme and content of the book to the buyers which appeals to them visually and builds up that curiosity and interest which fuel their appetite for reading your book. So creativity and graphic designs play an integral role in giving your book the perfect cover. 

How can you plan out your book cover design 

Try to convey the theme of your book

Always try to adopt such visual designs and images on your book cover that depict a scene from the book or the theme and message that the book is trying to portray. For this, you need to first be thorough with the book yourself. The font of the title of the book should also be concordant with the chief emotion imparted through the book.

Make use of a creative logo

You can also decide to apply a logo for your book on the cover page as the front page design. This will give your readers something to associate with your book and it can prove to be very useful for people to represent your book in a reader’s guild or a fan club. This logo can also become the identity of your books and you can adopt it in all your further books. 

Give a brief information

Try to give a brief information about the content of the book on the backside of the cover page. If you are writing a fiction novel, then you can briefly explain the plot, if it’s a non-fictional guide, then you can tell why people should buy your book and so on. This will give the people an idea as to what is inside the book.

These are the things to consider when you are looking for how to design a book cover. If you want to get a book cover designed for your new book, then you can contact us at Wolony. We know exactly how to design a book cover so that readers will pick your book right away. 

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