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How to Design a Successful Business Card?

Open your wallet. Do you have any business cards stuck in the folds? Are there any that you’ve been holding onto for years? Think about the reasons why you might have kept them in the first place. These are the people who really wowed you, who made a big impression. And their business card played a role in that, whether you realized it or not. After all, how many boring or plain cards do you keep in your wallet for years? Chances are that those got tossed in the trash the last time you Spring cleaned.

We’ll outline here how you, too, can design successful business cards to impress potential clients. Whether it’s B2B or direct consumer interactions, many of these tips are the same across the board. Why? Because human psychology works the same for everyone, regardless of their position.

Start With a Brand

At Wolony, we’d argue that your brand really is everything. Whatever you create needs to have that branding read loud and clear so that your customers can identify you in the future. And that’s the whole point of a business card, right? You want them to be able to pull out your business card years from now and still find it useful. From the colors you choose to the emotions you evoke, these themes are vital to your business.

The Knitty Gritty of a Business Card

There are some basic principles you need to remember before you dive into designing your business cards. These are to ensure a crisp, clean product that you won’t be embarrassed to be handing out. Choose a higher quality printer who’s willing to work with you to resolve any printing issues. Ask them what their bleed margins are for cards, know the quality of the cardstock they print with and make sure your files are high quality to get those sharp lines.

Go Beyond the Basics

Are you in an industry that’s not big on traditional paper business cards? Take a walk around booths at a conference and you’ll find that they’ll print their information on nearly anything. If you sell gardening equipment, offer packets of seeds with your phone number and website. For the fitness industry, try an exercise band with your logo on it. Do you work with dogs? We’d bet you could find someone to press your business’s name into a few dog treats. Use something unique and useful in your industry to really make your business shine.

If you need any help figuring out your ideal business card, feel free to reach out to us at Wolony.

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