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What is a Static Website

What is a Static Website

If you are a newbie in the tech world, then there is a very high chance that you might not be familiar with what is a static website however you must already be seeing a lot of static websites on a regular basis. Be it blog pages, payment gateways, information guides or even some webpages on the mainstream technological giants, most of them employ the use of static websites to cater to the web visitors needs and requirements. So what is a static website

What Does a Static Website Mean?

Technically speaking, a static website is a website that is built using only basic HTML and CSS and does not involve any scripting language. In order to change or modify the content that appears on the website, the source code needs to be edited directly. In other simple words, a static website is one where the content on the website stays the same for every visit irrespective of the account preferences or time of the visit of the visitor accessing it. The kind of places which can employ a static website can be an information sharing website or a website talking about a particular service, which can be used to advertise the business.

What is a Static Website-2

What is a Static Website-2

Why Should You Choose Static Websites

The use of static websites has come back into the technological scenario. There are a lot of reasons for this including the simplicity, speed, security and much more. Irrespective of the need, static websites are back, and they are stronger than ever. Here are the topmost reasons as to why you should opt for a static website:

  1. Security

With static websites, there’s no intermediary database involved. So the threat of code injection is minimal for a static website. There are no plugins and dynamic software required to host the website. 

As far as static websites are concerned, they are a safe bet as compared to dynamic ones when it comes to security as they don’t rely on CMS plugins. Tools like APIs and JavaScript are used to handle the dynamic functions of static websites, eliminating the risk of getting hacked. While, active websites run a very high risk of getting hacked due to multiple content sources and plugins.

  1. Reliability

You must have sometimes come across an error message that says, “The connection could not be established.’’ This occurs primarily due to the database errors. Being made with just basic HTML files, static websites make it easier to host them anywhere with ease like on a CDN.

In this way, whenever there’d be any attack on the main server, the static website will just be redirected to any other closest node, unlike its dynamic alternative where the website might go down for a few hours.

  1. Speed

A static website is many times faster as compared to a dynamic site that may be built with a CMS. The absence of any middle agent or database is the main reason for the high speed. Another main reason for a static website to run so fast is that it can be served from the node closest to the browser.

As per a research by Kissmetrics, as high as 47% of internet users expect websites to load within 2 seconds, and almost 40% of people will not wait for the website to load for longer than 3 seconds. Therefore, adopting a static website will also help in getting more traffic by reducing abandonment rate caused due to slow loading.

What is a Static Website

  1. Hosting and Price

Static websites only have the required basic HTML files which take up less space making the hosting of these websites much cheaper as compared to that of dynamic websites. In this way organizations with static websites can save up on the hosting costs and channel those resources to integrate new reliable features and creations on their website.

We hope we have answered your question of what is a static website. We at Wolony can help you build absolutely amazing static websites for your business organization and help you take your business online. Contact us today at to get a free estimate today and watch the online presence of your business grow at a rapid pace.

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