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How To Trademark A Logo

How To Trademark A Logo

How To Trademark A Logo

The logo of a company or a business is considered as one of the most important parts of a company. It offers an organization a differential identity. Logo is basically a symbol which is designed in order to give the company a special position. With the help of logo people can easily identify that the product belongs to which company. Therefore logo is the most important part of a company which arises the need of having an idea of how to trademark a logo to get extra added benefits like protecting your company’s differential identity. 

Today we will discuss how to trademark a logo but before moving to that let us discuss what actually is a trademark . A trademark protects your intellectual property from infringement by any other person. It is a name, word, logo, or symbol that represents a company. Time and money are spent developing company’s logo, and it is therefore important to protect. A company’s logo is representative of the brand. The logo is also recognizable by customers, making it important to also protect it from plagiarism. 

How is Trademarking a Logo Beneficial

Trademarking the logo of the company provides various benefits like:


 Once the logo is trademarked the owner gets the sole authority to use that logo wherever he wants, it can be his product any file work. 


If you have your logo registered with a trademark, you automatically get the right to sue anyone who uses the logo without your authorization. In some cases, simply having the logo trademarked can be enough to win the court case. In some cases, it’s even possible to bring criminal charges against someone for improper use of a trademarked logo.

Import of foreign goods

Getting a registered trademark for your logo also allows you to stop the import of foreign goods that would infringe upon your trademark. This benefit also helps to prevent your brand from being diminished.

Foreign Registration

Once your logo is trademarked in the United States, you’re able to register your trademark in other countries. This makes it possible to extend your business and sell your products in foreign markets. 


 If you do take someone to court for trademark infringement, having a trademark also allows you to be able to collect money for damages . 

Procedure for Trademarking a Logo

Now let’s have a glance on the steps that need to be followed in order to get your logo registered. Here’s how to trademark a logo:

  1. Firstly get a trademark search with the help of a trademark expert. Select the logo which you like for your company, once the selection procedure is completed search it in the database of trademark office. 
  2. After successfully completing the first step one needs to file an application in the trademark registration office to get their logo registered. 
  3. Once the trademark gets registered the trademark is then published in the journal for 15-30 days and if the trademark does not gets any obstruction then the trademark is registered and if any obstruction is found then the owner has to answer all the questions raised by the opposition. 
  4. Once this step is completed the logo will be successfully trademarked. 

These were the steps needed to be followed to get a logo trademarked. Anyone can learn how to trademark a logo by just following these simple steps. At Wolony, our marketing experts can give you more detailed  advice on how to trademark a logo. If you have any further doubts, then leave a message behind. We will try to give you the best answer for your query.