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How To Get 280 Characters on Twitter

How To Get 280 Characters on Twitter

How To Get 280 Characters on Twitter

Twitter has remained an active platform for fast and brief thought and information sharing ever since it first launched in July 2006. However, the biggest change that it witnessed was the introduction of tweet lengths of 280 characters. So, how to get 280 characters on Twitter?

The micro blogging site, Twitter originally had a tweet word limit of just 140 characters. This was to ensure that the tweets are short and crisp so as to make Twitter a fast and to the point thought sharing platform. But now, Twitter has doubled this limit to 280 characters and many people want to know how to get 280 characters on Twitter.

When was 280 characters first introduced?

By getting to know how to get 280 characters on Twitter you’ll be able to tweet in twice the original words using both the Twitter website as well as its mobile application. This 280 characters feature was first introduced in September 2016 as a test drive among a smaller group of Twitter users. The motive of this test was to better understand and analyze how the increase in character limit would affect the frequency and quality of tweets by a single user and what effect it would have on Twitter infrastructure. 

What did 280 characters achieve?

In a blog post by the then Twitter Product Manager Aliza Rosen, it was highlighted that the aim was to give users more typing space while ensuring that it maintained the “original speed and brevity that makes Twitter, Twitter”. In other words, Twitter wanted to give more length for tweets but not too much.

The results showed that only about 5 percent of users posted tweets more than 140 words and a little over 2 percent of tweets were over 190 words. This means that the timeline reading time shouldn’t be effectively affected by this new feature.

How to get 280 characters on Twitter

At that point of time it was meant for a small group of Twitter users so people needed to search for how to get 280 characters on Twitter. But now it has been turned into a fully fledged platform wide reform and everyone has it. In 2017, Twitter implemented the 280 character limit on a system wide scale.

How To Get 280 Characters on Twitter

As it has been turned into a system wide feature for everyone, you should be able to automatically able to write tweets of 280 characters. If you still cannot get the 280 characters limit on Twitter, you should try reinstalling your Twitter application. If you’re facing this issue on the Twitter website, then logout and re-login to your Twitter account. In this way you can get 280 characters on Twitter.

This was all you need to know regarding how to get 280 words on Twitter. Our expert team at Wolony has mastered the basic as well as advanced handling and management of all social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. We know everything related to them and how to harness their power through effective social media marketing. Contact us today if you need digital media services of any kind.