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Who Owns Instagram

who owns instagram

Who Owns Instagram

Today we are here to tell you who owns Instagram. Instagram is owned by the multi-billion dollar tech-giant Facebook. Facebook has always believed to expand its horizons to appeal to a wider group of people. So, it makes Facebook the obvious answer to who owns Instagram?

Instagram is the social media platform with the highest number of active users from the millennials and gen-z. It has become a vivid platform for sharing your experience and lifestyle through beautiful pictures. Do you want to know more about who owns Instagram? Read further to know more.

Who Founded Instagram?

The foundation for the present day Instagram was laid on 6 October 2010 when Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger made the photo sharing platform in a New York co-working space. It became an instant success attracting more than half a million users. This popularity led to heavy backing and soon enough Instagram had occupied the phone storage space of tens of millions of users. 

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How Much Did Facebook Buy Instagram For?

The success of Systrom and Kriegers tech startup gained the attention of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook. Zuckerberg saw the rising potential of Instagram and made an offer of $1 billion in 2012, which both the co-founders readily accepted. This made Facebook the answer to who owns Instagram and added Instagram to the tech crown of Facebook which is already studded with multiple tech companies as its jewels.

What started as a small tech startup has transformed into a thriving community of more than one billion users that use this application on a regular basis. This has also made Instagram the second most downloaded application on the Google Play Store. The story of Instagram is the best personification of from ashes to the sky.

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Today Instagram, owned by Facebook, is always moving forward with its growth and expansion. From the introduction of the story feature to its own TV — Instagram TV, Instagram is filled with innovations and revolutions in technology. There is clearly no wonder that Instagram is the social networking platform that is most used by the younger generation.

If you want to reach out to a young audience, then Instagram is the best social network site for social media marketing. With Instagram marketing, you will get to be able to broadcast your brand name to a huge targeted audience. With the use of this recognition, you will be able to double your regular business traffic in no less than 6 months. 

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 So, Facebook is the answer to the question of who owns Instagram. If you have any other doubts and queries regarding who owns Instagram, then you can call us today.