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Who Blocked Me On Twitter

Who Blocked Me On Twitter

Who Blocked Me On Twitter

The micro-blogging cum social media platform, Twitter is garnering much attention even after so many years of its launch and the number of active users on this platform is going higher and higher. Today we are going to talk about one of the common questions that users have regarding Twitter — who blocked me on Twitter.

One of the major reasons for the consistently growing fan following is that Twitter gives its users a safe environment where nobody can disturb anyone without their liking. Users have the option to block someone if they don’t like the other person’s in-app behavior. But people also want to know who blocked me on Twitter which we are going to answer through this article. 

How Does Blocking Someone on Twitter Work

If you have any issues with the content that a specific user is tweeting or the comments that he/she is putting on your tweets, then you can block them without any hassle. You simply block them and cut off their chances of interfering with your experience on Twitter. If you report a Twitter profile as a spam, then also that account will be automatically blocked by you.

This right of blocking is available to everyone. When you block someone, then that person will not be able to see the content posted by you on your profile. They will just be displayed with a screen saying that they are blocked. The same applies to you when you are blocked by someone else. 

Can I See Who Blocked Me on Twitter?

The easiest way to see if someone blocked you on Twitter is to go to his or her account page and check if there is a message saying that the person has blocked you. If you want to check if more than one person has blocked you, there are a lot of applications on Google Play Store and AppStore. That will show you the people who have blocked you on Twitter. Some of these applications might want subscriptions and money. However, there are also lots of applications that will show who blocked you for free. You can search on Google who blocked me on Twitter to get additional and more detailed information.

How to See Who Blocked Me On Twitter?

Now that we know how blocking works on Twitter, we can answer who blocked me on Twitter. Although this seems a pretty easy task, it’s definitely not easy to get a complete list of people who have blocked you on Twitter. 

In order to find out if someone has blocked you on Twitter or not, search for the profile of the suspected person and then try to click on the “Follow” button. Now, two cases may arise:

Case 1: You can Successfully Follow The Person

If you are able to follow that person on Twitter successfully or are able to send a follow request normally, then you are not blocked by them.

Case 2: You Get A Warning Message

In this case, you get a warning message upon clicking on “Follow”. This message states that “you are blocked from viewing that person’s information and tweets”. If this message pops up then it is a clear indicator of the fact that you are blocked by that person. 

You can get to know blocking me on Twitter by following these simple steps. However, there’s no possible way provided by Twitter that will give you a list of all the people that have blocked you on Twitter. To find out the answer to blocking me on Twitter, you’ll need to look up each profile individually. 

This was the answer to who blocked me on Twitter brought to you by the digital media experts from Wolony. We at Wolony have got the experience and expertise when it comes to anything related to social media or digital media. You can contact us with all kinds of queries and questions. 

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