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What Does Unlisted Mean on Youtube

What Does Unlisted Mean on Youtube

Are you wondering about the answer to the question of what does unlisted mean on Youtube? Youtube is such a popular app that almost everyone has an account on Youtube, or most people have a Youtube channel. They sometimes share their videos with other people. Have you ever known that you can choose with whom you share your videos? There are several options on Youtube. These are public, unlisted, and private. Before you upload a video on Youtube, you can pick up one of these options. Let’s get more detailed information to understand the difference between public videos, unlisted videos, and private videos on Youtube.

What Does Unlisted Mean on Youtube: Public Youtube Videos

Before answering the question of what does unlisted mean on Youtube, we need to talk about public videos at first. The common video setting on Youtube is public. In other words, Youtube allows everyone to see the video that you upload. Public Youtube videos appear in search engine results. If you want to get more traffic and viewers on your videos, you should select the Public option in settings. It will enable you to reach more people and introduce your channel. By the way, your public videos should not have offensive content that will disturb other people. Otherwise, Youtube will remove your videos.

Private Youtube Videos

Private Youtube videos do not appear on Youtube and in search engine results. Before uploading a video on Youtube, your subscribers do not get a notification if you choose the Private option in settings. Private videos can be seen only by the person who uploads the video and the people who the uploader allows. If you share a video with someone, he can see the video. However, when your friend shares that video with another person that you do not allow, she can not see the video. Namely, friends of your friends can not see your videos. To view the video, she needs to request permission from you.

Unlisted Youtube Videos

Now, it is time to answer the question of what does unlisted mean on Youtube. We are sure that you are wondering about the difference between private and unlisted videos. Unlisted videos are not available in search engine results and on Youtube. They can be seen only by people with whom you want to share. The difference between unlisted and private videos is that if people who have the link of your video share that video with their friends, friends of friends can see your video.

Youtube offers you the opportunity to select with whom you will share your Youtube videos. If you introduce your channel to other people and get more subscribers on Youtube, you should select the Public option before you share a video. However, if you want to share it with your friends, you can choose the Private option. We hope that this article has helped you with everything that you need to know about the answer to the question of what does unlisted mean on Youtube. If you need more information so please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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