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How To Record Or Download Instagram Live Videos

How To Record Or Download Instagram Live Videos

Let’s say you come across a really interesting and important video on Instagram live that you’d definitely like to look upon in the future. It could be a really fun dance video, a comedy clip, an informational video, or something that would be beneficial in your work. The first question to instantly shoot up in your mind is definitely going to be how to record or download Instagram live videos. After all most people don’t know how to record or download Instagram live videos and save them for future references.


The Instagram experts at Wolony Digital Marketing Agency have decided to bring to you their expert tips and tricks on how to record or download Instagram live videos. By following this detailed guide you’ll be able to record videos on Instagram live and even download them and keep with you for any future reference. 

Record or Download Instagram Live Video Started By You

If you want to record or download your own Instagram live video that you’ve streamed on Instagram live, then it’s very simple. When your live video on Instagram ends, you’ll be given the download option. You can simply tap on the download button that looks like a downward pointed arrow. This button can be found at the top left of the screen. Once you tap on the download video button, your Instagram live video will be saved to your camera roll. 


One thing you need to keep in mind is that only your video will be saved and any other information like the comments, likes, and the viewers will not be saved. Also, you’ll only be able to download your Instagram live video right after it is ended by you. If your video size is too large, then it may take a few minutes. So please be patient. 

Record or Download Instagram Live Video Streamed By Others

In case you want to learn how to record or download Instagram live videos streamed by other Instagram users, it might come as a disappointment that Instagram provides no direct way of doing this. You cannot directly record or download other people’s Instagram live video because of privacy issues. However, there is an indirect trick that will let you do so. 


You can make use of third party screen recording apps to record the Instagram live video of your choice. Simply download and install a screen recorder app on your device and launch it. Next, open the Instagram live video that you want to record and then start the recording. You can then end the screen recording at any time you want. This way you can record and save Instagram live videos streamed by others as well as the entire comments. 

How to Download Instagram Live Videos

As we mentioned previously, it is pretty simple to learn how to record and download Instagram live videos. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and it presents a lot of different options to its users. Downloading a live video is one of these options. To record and download a live video on Instagram, you need to wait until the video ends. After the end of the live video, you will see the “Download Video” option. Tap this option and download the video that you want in your camera roll. If the video is long, you might have to wait a few minutes.


If you are still wondering about how to record and download Instagram live videos, you can record or download them anytime you want by following the above-mentioned tips and tricks. If you face any difficulties in recording or downloading videos from Instagram live, then you can contact us at any time. Our experts will surely be happy to help you. Keep in touch with our blogs for more informational content.

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