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How To Advertise On Instagram

How To Advertise On Instagram

Instagram, the Facebook owned social media platform has gained excessive popularity and has gained a user base of more than 1 billion active users every month and upto 500 million active members on a daily basis. This gives a huge audience for your advertisement and lets your small business grow to a huge extent. Therefore every small business owner needs to know how to advertise on Instagram.

Instagram the photo sharing social media platform has seen a steeply growing positive growth rate and is excessively popular with the younger generation. This makes Instagram the most favorable platform for reaching out to the young audiences. Thus many businesses often search for how to advertise on Instagram.

As per various surveys and studies, Instagram ads have much higher conversion rates and user engagements as compared to any other social media platform. Before learning how to advertise on Instagram you need to understand how advertising on Instagram works. 

How Advertisements on Instagram Work

Instagram opened its platforms for limited advertising in 2013 after being acquired by Facebook. And in 2015, advertising on Facebook became available to all businesses, influencers, content creators and anyone who would like to use Instagram’s space for any kind of sponsored and targeted ad content. 

It is very interesting to note that Instagram doesn’t have a separate dedicated ad manager, rather it relies on Facebook Ad-manager for any kind of advertising. Facebook’s massive user database of more than 2.5 billion monthly active users worldwide gives ample info support for choosing your targeted audience as per the location, age group, social status, economic status and many more criterias.

Steps For Advertising On Instagram

The enormous user database and high conversion ratios make Instagram advertising a much searched topic on the internet where multiple small businesses want to know how to advertise on Instagram. Here is the step by step guide that teaches you how to advertise on Instagram.

Create a Facebook Page For Your Business 

As Instagram uses Facebook’s ad manager services, you need to create a facebook page for your business. 

Set Up an Instagram Business Profile

The next step is to create a business profile for your business on Instagram. This can be done for free.

Set up your ad

The next step you need to take is to set up your ad. Go to and choose your ad objective, target audience and the format in which you would like to advertise in. This feature of the Ads manager is very useful in reaching out to your targeted Instagram users and getting full value from your money spent on advertising. 

Set Up The Budget

Here you’ll get to choose the duration for which your ads will be run and the ad promotion feature as per your spending limits.


As soon as you complete all the above steps, your ads are all set to be published. Click on Publish and submit your ad posts for review. Instagram’s ad management team will review and verify your ads and then approve them. Once the approval is given, your ads will go live.

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