Kitchen & Bath

Corporate Idendity of Kitchen & Bath

W always love identity works and this work was a great success for us. Besides our client being happy, we were satisfied with the work W did. Both sides were happy and it was our pleasure.

  • Client: Kitchen & Bath
  • Date: 11-14-2017
  • Services: Branding


Minimal (Final Logo)

We made a minimal work based on the shared logos by our client. This was our 2nd choice but our client fell in love with this logo. Then W made other designs with this logo, such as business card and letterhead.



This logo was thought as a symbol of opening covers in a kitchen. This logo is a reminder of the core work but a little away from being minimal. It looks cool anyway and W loved doing it.


Three Dimension

Some clients like three dimensional logos but not this one. It is not easy to use every place you need your logo to be on.